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Competition time - What is your post activity routine?

Ice baths, massage, or foam roller? What is your post-activity routine? 

What you do after exercise can affect muscle recovery. However there is no isolated recovery technique and so post-work out recovery takes a range of different components such as sufficient rest, gentle stretching and bathing. Baths offer a complementary way for your muscles to recover and can reduce muscle inflammation, flush out lactic acid, and help your muscles to start the healing process helping you to feel rejuvenated. 

J-RAO Post Activity Bathing Salts, alleviate aching muscles using a combination of Epsom Salt and French Green Clay rich in ionic mineral and detoxification properties. This carefully developed formula purifies and eliminates impurities from the skin and stimulates natural blood micro-circulation leaving your body feeling deeply invigorated. Simply dissolve the salts in water and allow the nourishing blend of organic Lavender to help reduce inflammation of the muscles and joints, and Juniper Berry to ease, soothe and de-stress body and mind.

For your chance to win our Post Activity Bathing Salts tell us what your post-activity routine is via Facebook or Instagram + follow.  

Competition ends 14.10.2020 at 12.00 CET 

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