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Pioneering contemporary apothecary products for every body

About J-RAO

J-RAO Contemporary Apothecary was founded in 2017 in the City of Discovery, and UNESCOS first (and still only) UK city of Design, Dundee Scotland. Like jam, jute and journalism good things come in threes: we launched our first wave of bathing salts with the focus of developing a luxury product with premium ingredients and ethical values. Find out more about our drive to pioneer contemporary apothecary via our About page.

 About the Founder 

Dr Jennifer Rao-Williams has a deep understanding of the negative impact of non-environmentally conscious product development. With over 12 years experience in research and education on sustainable development, climate change and human geography areas. Whilst completing a PhD at the University of Dundee in 2017, Jennifer decided to utilise her environmental expertise to develop an ambitious retail business through participating in the Elevator Accelerator program, and J-RAO Contemporary Apothecary was born. 

Jennifer’s mission was clear from the outset: to develop a range of luxury products which would buck the trend in an often unsustainable, unethical cosmetics industry and respond to the growing demand for more conscious consumables.

The idea behind J-RAO is simple. We believe that the apothecary market provides a really exciting space to tackle some of the challenges faced by the cosmetic industry by developing more conscious products, and fusing together high performing ingredients with ethical values. We pioneer products using three central principles: Environmentally conscious, gender free and embrace circular economy through design.

Environmentally conscious: Our apothecary products use organic, natural and vegan ingredients exclusively, and are paraben, sulfate, micro-pollutants and perfume free. None of our products or ingredients are tested on animals. Our packaging can be easily recycled, but we are focused on encouraging reuse which is why we offer a refill option for all of our products. See our FAQ page for more details.

Gender free: We believe that high performing apothecary products are restorative and functional and not gendered. We do not use gender profiling categories in any of our product development, communication or marketing. We make apothecary products for every body.                                                             

Embracing circular economy through design: We’ve all heard the saying “buy cheap, buy twice.” Well our mantra is "buy once well and value." We work closely with designers and artists to carefully develop aesthetically attractive products for you to reuse and enjoy.