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J-RAO Revive and Thrive Bathing Salts

"Fallen in love! - Some wonderful salts here. Very calming and just what I need after a tiring day cleaning! The aromas are so nice and leave me feeling ready to go for the next day. Love love love and recommend the Nourish & Balance for orange, frankincense and rose scent lovers. Great gifts too, if you are looking for something up market. :)" Han on Oct 05, 2020

"Amazing! - I love the fragrance so much. As soon as you open them you get a wave of soothing smells. This left me feeling relaxed and eased my aching limbs. I suffer from chronic pain and would recommend them as part of your bath time self care." Alice Eardley on Jun 09, 2019

"So relaxing - Lovely aroma which works on relaxing the body before actually getting into the nice hot bath infused with these salts. Calming, relaxing and soothing. Such a delight to soak in bath with this product. I highly recommend." Fe on Feb 20, 2019

"A wonderful jar of luxurious relaxation - You only have to open the jar to feel instantly relaxed so you can imagine how wonderful I felt after a bath! I really recommend these salts as a treat for yourself or someone else."  Emily Thompson on Dec 20, 2018

"Will be buying again! - Fantastic salts that do exactly as advertised. Perfect to give your body a boost, thoroughly recommended. The jars are much bigger than I realised too!" Sophie on Dec 09, 2018

J-RAO Nourish and Balance Bathing Salts 

"A miracle cure - These bath salts are fantastic! After exercise, and tired muscles, these salts definitely do the trick. They quickly help soothe a sore body, and also ensure you can relax too. What more could you want from a bath salt? I would highly recommend this miracle cure to anyone!" Matt on Jul 28, 2020 

"So soothing! - These bath salts left my skin feeling so soft and refreshed. Great to relax your mind and body" Alice Eardley on Jun 09, 2019

"Refreshed! - The Nourish and Balance bath salts create the perfect at-home spa experience when combined with hot steaming water - my muscles felt so relaxed after a long run. The scent is very uplifting too. Everyone should purchase these for the ultimate de-stress." Diana on Mar 17, 2019

"So soothing! - The aroma is gorgeous and so calming and relaxing when diffusing through the whole of the bathroom after poured into lovely hot bath. For stiff muscles works wonders. For stress works great too. Can be very sparing - a little goes a long way. Highly recommended." Fe on Feb 20, 2019 

"Genius - Fantastic stuff. I suffer with fibromyalgia, and this really helped relax my muscles. The calming and warming effect really helped settle my mind too. I highly recommend these salts to anyone." Debz on Oct 21, 2018

 J-RAO Post Activity Bathing Salts

"Splendid Salts -Had a particularly strenuous time at the gym and was a bit achy the following day. The salts seemed to ease the aches and tiredness in my legs. I felt more energised and ready for another stint at the gym. Would purchase again without hesitation." Royston on Dec 16, 2018

"Amazing Product -After a particularly hard day I used the salts and felt totally relaxed and rejuvenated, I also had muscle pain in my lower leg which seemed to ease considerably after using the salts. Will definitely be using in the future and would recommend to family and friends." Maddie on Sep 01, 2018