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Building a better shaving experience for people and planet

Why does the shaving industry need a revolution? 

The United States Environmental Protection Agency in 1990 once estimated that throw-away plastic razors and razor cartridges generated around 2 billion tons of plastic waste per year. 32 years on and plastic razors and cartridges still dominate the shaving industry even whilst remaining notoriously difficult to recycle. Unsurprisingly, cosmetic packaging and the sale of razors and cartridges creates over 120 billions of tons of plastic waste globally (2020). In the UK over 300 tons of plastic waste is exported - that's the equivalent of 24 double-decker buses per day. 

Our solution 

At the centre of the Conscious Cosmetic Collective is our ambition to build a better shaving experience for people and planet. Through funding from the Scottish Enterprise, we collaborated with a V&A Award winning designer to develop an innovative new shaving product which will revolutionize the subscription shaving industry. The product incorporates circular design principles through innovative features and materials, novel packaging, and a competitive value-based online subscription service.

Your support 

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