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About J-Rao Contemporary Apothecary

Why contemporary apothecary?

We believe that the apothecary market provides a really exciting space to tackle some of the challenges faced by the cosmetic industry by developing more conscious products. So we positioned ourselves as a contemporary brand because we wanted to bring together some of the disconnects that we were seeing in the luxury apothecary market, alongside the values and principles that are becoming more meaningful to consumers. We are pioneering products using three central principles:

Environmentally conscious  

Our apothecary products use organic, natural and vegan ingredients exclusively, and are paraben, sulfate, micro-pollutants and perfume free. None of our products or ingredients are tested on animals. Our packaging can be easily recycled, but we are focused on encouraging reuse which is why we offer a refill option for all of our products.

Gender neutral

We believe that high performing apothecary products are restorative and functional and not gender binary. So regardless of whether its a product for mood lifting or muscle alleviation, we do not use gender profiling categories in any of our product development, communication or marketing.

Embracing circular economy through design

We’ve all heard the saying “buy cheap buy twice”. At J-Rao Contemporary Apothecary our mantra is buy once well and value. That is why we work closely with designers to carefully develop aesthetically attractive products for people to enjoy, but to also encourage reuse. 


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